Revalidation is the process by which doctors demonstrate to the General Medical Council, usually every five years, that they are up to date, fit to practise and comply with the relevant professional standards. 

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Revalidation and Appraisal

Revalidation Services

Revalidation Services work with NHS Trusts, agencies and private doctors to deliver simple and effective appraisal and revalidation solutions. 

Offering a full range of outsourced appraisal and revalidation support, we provide flexible resources to meet the demands of specific appraisal cycles.

Our dedicated specialist team assists with:

  • Administration support
  • Appraisal management 
  • Patient and colleague feedback management (using Doctor 360°) 
  • Appraisal facilitation 
  • Appraisal and revalidation follow up
  • Software solutions 
  • CPD approved seminars, events and online courses